DuPont Symposia Series

The 2017 Plant Center Spring symposium is co-sponsored by DuPont Pioneer as part of the DuPont Plant Sciences Symposia Series.

Other symposia in the 2017 series:

Date University
February 2 University of Missouri
February 16 Texas A&M University
February 22 University of Minnesota Production Agriculture
March 3 Iowa State University
March 10 Cornell University
March 14 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
March 17 Washington State University
March 23-24 University of Minnesota
March 31-April 1 University of Saskatchewan
April 13 University of Florida
April 17 Huazhong Agricultural University (China)
April 21 University of California - Davis
June 2 University of California - Berkeley
August 3 Purdue University
September 26 AgroParishTech