Invited Speakers

Ed Buckler


Breeding 4.0 – Designing New Ways to Feed the Planet

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Laura Galloway

Univeristy of Virgina

Contemporary environments and a legacy of range expansion shape the evolution of plant reproduction

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Georg Jander

Boyce Thompson Institute

Two genomes are better than one: Aphid resistance in diploid and allotetraploid perennial soybeans

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Ruth Shaw

Univeristy of Minnesota

Breeding for Environmental Change: Lessons from Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics

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James Westwood

Virginia Tech

Parasitic plants are masters of communication: The case of mobile RNAs

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David Habier

CORTEVA Agriscience

On the predictability of genomic prediction in plant breeding

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UGA Speakers

Karolina Heduk

Univeristy of Georgia, Post-doctoral student

Physiological and genomic enablers of Crassulacean acid metabolism in the Agavoideae

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William Jordan

Univeristy of Georgia, Ph.D. student

Epimutagenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana

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