Invited Speakers

Ivan Baxter

USDA-ARS/Danforth Center

Ionomics: Using Molecular Phenotypes to Dissect the Complex Interactions Between Plant Genetics and the Environment

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Kevin Hayes

DuPont Pioneer

From Satellites to Sequencing

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Candice Hirsch

University of Minnesota

Translating Big Data Into Improved Crop Performance in Agricultural Systems

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Scott Hamilton Kennedy

Black Valley Films

FOOD EVOLUTION: A Search for the Nuanced Truth in the Struggle Between Art, Activism and Commerce

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Seth Murray

Texas A&M University

Dealing with Complexity, Three Vignettes About Advancing Plant Science and Agriculture

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Cyril Zipfel

The Sainsbury Laboratory

Receptor Kinase-Mediated Immunity: From the Plasma Membrane to the Field

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UGA Speakers

Josh Clevenger

University of Georgia, USDA-NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow

Haplotype-Based Genotyping in Polyploids

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Nathan Taitano

University of Georgia, Ph.D. student

Insights into the History of Oaxacan Chile Pepper Landraces from Genotyping-by-Sequencing

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Travel Scholarship Speakers

Rachel McCoy

Purdue University, Ph.D. student

Elucidation of Juglone Synthesis in Black Walnut

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Michelle Stitzer

University of California - Davis, Ph.D. student

Diverse Ecological Strategies Allow Transposable Element Survival in the Maize Genome

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